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                >>About us | HomeYour current location:Home/About us

                        Zhejiang Ruixiang Acrylic CO.,LTD. is a professional enterprise dedicated to producing and developing acrylic sheet. The company possesses professional experience and rich economic force, which is a leading acrylic manufacturer in China. It lies in Lanxi Economic Development Area,Zhejiang Province with green hills and clear water,covers an area of 20,000 square meters.
                       The company introduces international advanced automatic production line equipment and technology,adopts imported glass mold and colorant and precise testing equipment,its materials(MMA) are purchased from international famous brand Lucite(China) Chemical Co.,Ltd. and Mitsubishi Rayon Co.,Ltd.
                        Our company provides high quality products for domestic and foreign customers with advanced technology, excellent talents and scientific management system. It carries out the management ideas of "sincerity foremost,quality first,customer supreme, mutual development" and the business principles of "surviving on high quality and seeking development with prestige". Our products are sold well in every city of whole country and exported to Southeast Asia,Europe and America etc regions.
                        We would like to cooperate with all customers from all over the world to create a bright future and a colorful world together.


                Design:kckj.ccBusiness address: zhejiang lanxi economic development zone, qiu ling road 98 Telephone: 0086-579-88761111 Fax: 0086-579-88389876